Why get a base tan?

Why get a base tan at Sun Seekers?
☀️Protection from sunburn: A base tan can provide a natural barrier of protection against sunburn. It won't prevent sun damage entirely, but it can help reduce the likelihood of getting a painful burn.
☀️Gradual exposure to UV rays: By getting a base tan, you're gradually exposing your skin to UV rays in a controlled environment. This can help prevent sun damage that can occur from sudden, intense exposure to the sun.
☀️ Longer-lasting tan: A base tan can also help your overall tan last longer. By building up a base of colour, your skin is better prepared to absorb and retain more colour from additional sun exposure.
☀️ Boost in confidence: Let's face it, we all feel a little better when we have a nice tan. A base tan can give you that extra boost of confidence before hitting the beach or pool.
At our salon, we can help you achieve a natural-looking base tan, tailored to your skin type and preferences.
So don't wait until you're on vacation to start working on that tan! Come see us and get your base tan on. Book your appointment today.