You will be making a great decision by becoming a client of

Sun Seekers Tanning Salon.

our packages

Sun Seekers Tanning Salon offer's packages for guests & clients ranging from Single Sessions to Points and 31 Day-Monthly Package options. Our package pricing represents an unbeatable value that can meet anyone's tanning need or budget. You're guaranteed our commitment to provide you with unsurpassed service, unbeatable value and a healthy golden tan. With no complicated pricing structure's or hidden fee's Sun Seekers Tanning Salon makes your experience enjoyable.

Ultimate Value Direct VIP Plan

Have you always wanted to be a VIP then this is the option you have been waiting for. Imagine being able use of all of Sun Seekers Tanning Salon's UV Equipment for one low monthly payment with no locked contract. You also receive a VIP Discount on our premium tanning products and Sunless Custom Spray Tanning. Your bank account or credit card is debited monthly on the first of each month and you can cancel with 32 days notice. At Sun Seekers Tanning Salon we do not lock you into a contract because we know you will want to always tan with us. It's simple, convenient and flexible.

Points Packages

We have numerous points packages to meet anyone's budget or tanning needs.It lets you enjoy the benefits of developing a golden tan while using all of our equipment. All of our points packages can be split and they never expire.

31 Day Packages

We believe that simplicity is best. This package allows the full use of all 5 Levels of Sun Seekers Tanning Salons UV equipment with no up-grade fees, locked in contracts, memberships or other hidden costs.

Single Sessions

Although packaging your tanning will save you money, we know that sometimes you only have one day to share with us. Single visits allows you to pick and choose the equipment you want to use.

You will be making a great decision by becoming a client of Sun Seekers Tanning Salon. Whether you decided to join our VIP-UV Direct Monthly plan, 31 Day-Monthly Package or Purchase points our prices are affordable and loaded with value. By purchasing our bigger packages you can save even more. New Clients when you purchase any of our value packages that meets your needs, you will receive a new customer bonus gift. All of our Expert Tanning Consultants are trained to suggest the best options that will meet your tanning needs and goals in mind.
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